An online retailer with a serious passion for helping pets, Chewy’s mission is to deliver pet happiness by conveniently shipping pet food and exceptional customer service.

The Chewy brand is fun and quirky, with playful graphics imitating the spunky nature of the furbabies they cater to.

Chewy was later acquired by PetSmart in 2017 for $3.35 billion.


I was the first full-time designer at this early-stage startup. Defining the brand and maintaining consistency as we scaled across platforms was paramount.

Projects were multi-disciplinary, ranging from digital microsites to packaging, and everything in between!


I built our digital style guide to ensure brand integrity and implemented the following changes:

removing the “Mr.Chewy” dog from the logo wordmark;

simplifying our typography scale;

removing the use of full-scale gradients for text and UI elements;

and consolidating the UI icons used into a consistent style.


I maintained our daily marketing needs (promotional emails, mobile apps, microsites) while implementing a consistent design language across channels.

Staying close to the customer service department, I developed UI improvements to the purchase flow to help alleviate common calls.


The box design purposefully doubled as a photo-op for petsand was built into a front desk at the new office!

I also worked closely with the Fullfillment Operations team to build inserts to protect common shipments, like heavy canned food with brittle treats.

Promotional Design

Collaborating with our Sales team, I created custom marketing material for our partners like e-mails and box inserts.

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