Advancing the non-profit sector through donation software


Classy is a SaaS company helping nonprofits raise money, connect with donors, and make an impact on the world. They provide white-labeled donation platforms and API integrations to track supporter engagement. Classy also provides marketing resources to help nonprofits mobilize their communities, thus helping them solve social problems.


As an almost ten-year-old company, Classy had only recently upgraded from their original 90’s, gradient-style logo and was behind on web standards, like responsive coding. The brand’s visuals needed a connection to the compassion they stood for. I directed photoshoots and incorporated story-telling videos to transition them from a disarray of illustration styles to focusing on the human faces behind the efforts. I also established an identity system and created a set of workflows to align designers and stakeholders.

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Motion and stills are courtesy of the talented videographers, Brad Hilton and Jean-Philippe Angers. © Classy.

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