Health Warrior is superfood company that makes plant-based products, like nutrition bars, in the quest that better health will build a stronger society.

This packaging reband started in 2018 and by the end of that year, Health Warriors was acquired by PepsiCo.


I worked alongside amazingly talented Rob Wooten to rebrand their packaging.

Rob led design direction of the Pumpkin Seed Bars and Chia Bars. I created the color schemes for the Chia Bars and led design for the multi-unit boxes. I also helped across the board with prepping files during print production.

Color Scheme

The Chia Bar color scheme uses two split colors to evoke the bar’s flavor. We stayed close to the existing colors as a reference point, which ensured the transition would be subtle to consumers.

The complementary, second color presents a more harmonious design and allows for a wider range of future products than the original, monochromatic scheme.

Designed with the talented Rob Wooten. Renders courtesy of Andrew Thompson. Final product photos courtesy of Health Warriors.

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