As a top Fortune 500 company, Microsoft is a household name in software, cloud services, and consumer electronics.

While their in-house creative team establishes their brand guidelines I develop their enterprise digital campaigns on the agency-side, seeking out human-first stories in a data-first world.


Listening closely to our client’s objectives, I direct full-scale, integrated marketing campaigns from concept to completion. From defining strategy and pitching concepts to writing copy and building hundreds of resizes, I’ve contributed to every stage of the creative process as our team has grown.

For legal reasons, I’m unable to show full creative or expose insights learned, but the executions below are samples of published work.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform that allows users to build, manage, and deploy apps. Its identity is built on visual metaphors that represent its core product offerings.

This video below uses simple, geometric shapes to represent abstract computing concepts.

This video shows the world of possibilities by progressing across ideation, coding, and real-world solutions.

Microsoft Azure Migration Campaign

This awareness campaign used aerial photographs of real-world movement morphing into shapes to represent abstract cloud concepts like data replication or network security.

We crafted messaging to each of our target personas and launched across multiple platforms.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 transforms businesses by connecting all of their data into a 360-degree view, across departments. The Dynamics 365 creative uses data visualization to correlate to the product’s promise of making smarter business decisions from data insights.

Microsoft Power Platform

Microsoft Power Apps and simplifies app development, allowing anyone to build solutions with their drag-and-drop templates. Microsoft Power BI helps teams visualize and analyze data. Together, they are helping businesses innovate and grow.

The creative for both products breaks down complex narratives into simple, compelling storytelling of how users are digitizing their workplaces.

Power Apps

Power BI

Shoutout to our small but mighty team of designers, Catina Cricco and David Sandoval.

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