This is my collection of freelance work, passion projects, and everything in between.

The Morse

The Morse is a new apartment complex in Washington D.C. with both residential and retail space. With its exposed brick and clean lines, it represents a new brand of luxury: industrial, yet sophisticated.

Property photos are owned by and copyright of LCOR and SKI+I Architects.


I subtracted elements to create a visual staccato, playing off ‘morse code’ for the logo. For the branding, I used a neutral color scheme and minimalistic approach to support the existing interior design.

Williams Gap Vineyard

Williams Gap Vineyards is a vineyard, event space, and soon-to-be winery in northern Virginia that needed a sophisticated wordmark that could represent their overlapping verticals.


The result is this elegant, simple, serif logo. The subtle absence of the ‘G’ in the right-hand side of the ‘W’ represents both the “gap” in Williams Gap and the “vineyard” of the full name, Williams Gap Vineyards.

Third Set Nutrition

Third Set Nutrition is a vitamin company that creates on-the-go supplements for tennis players to enhance their muscle stamina, focus, and hydration levels.


They needed a simple, packet design to align to the precision of the sport. I designed the multi-pack set to mimic a tennis ball container.


While working for Simplexity, an authorized e-commerce retailer for cell phones, I created custom-branded partner websites and promotional assets for Fortune 500 brands.


These custom e-commerce sites gave me experience adapting designs to match strict brand guidelines and organizing a seamless handoff to developers.

As you can tell by the dated devices, these projects are about ten years old.


Icaros creates aerial images by manufacturing lenses, planning flight navigations, and developing software to stitch visual data points together.

They needed an elevated web presence that matched their expertise and spoke to their wide range of clients, from international governments to local nonprofits.


By clarifying audience and goals beforehand, I reorganized the information architecture to provide intuitive navigation. I also paired their large aerial images with ample white space to add contrast and focus.

Backend development courtesy of the talented engineer, Badia Daamash.

Information architecture

Original site

Redesigned site


An ongoing collection of killed concepts and dated projects. RIP.

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