Zendo designed home automation products ranging from lighting to cameras that work together to create your customized, smart home. The Zendo app allowed instant access and control over your devices, from anywhere.

Zendo was consolidated into in 2016.


As a start-up positioned to sell internationally, projects were multidisciplinary and ranged from digital (web design, interactive app) to print (product packaging, trade show booth design).


The Zendo brand centers around the idea of zen, evoking a holistic connection through ample white space and a repeating, circle motif. The cool-toned color scheme is calming to evoke the same peace of mind the products offer. 

While the original wordmark was built by Darren Hoffman, I helped solidify our brand system with additional custom icons and art direction of product photography.


Throughout the app and website, we humanized the language and used intuitive UI to keep technology out of the way. To avoid overwhelming the user with customization settings and product details, we focused on simplifying the screens to the most common actions discovered from our beta testing.

Lauren Britton led app development and we both contributed to website development (built by Electric Pulp). We worked closely together to manage beta testing, track changes, and ensure a consistent experience across all channels.


I designed the product packaging for our international launch across five markets. The cylindrical shape reinforces the brand’s circular motif while differentiating it from competitors on the shelf. Throughout the packaging, I maintained the balance of sustainability (via recycled cardboard) and simple elegance.

In addition to the physical package, I also designed the internal components, retail POPs, and shipping logistics from e-commerce purchases.

Event Design

I designed the layout of our 2016 CES trade show booth with an interactive demo station where attendees could check-in and control the products in real-time.


After crafting the voiceover script and sample storyboards, we worked with the ReMade team to create a promo video explaining the product.

Credit to Darren Hoffman for leadership + direction, Lauren Jones for photography + app development, and ReMade for motion graphics.

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